Determining Child Support

How Much Child Support Is Fair?

Each parent has a responsibility to provide support for a minor child or children. However, if your former spouse has the majority of parenting time with your child, you likely will be required to pay child support. Spousal support is considered separate. Judges in Illinois consider net income and the number of children when calculating how much child support should be awarded. Generally, if you have one child, the guidelines for courts in DuPage County, Will County and Cook County call for 20 percent of your income for child support.

In addition to your share of child support, the court can order you to maintain medical insurance, and pay a percentage of school expenses, extracurricular costs and other child-related expenses. It's important to realize these expenses likely will be ordered on top of the amount of child support.

No two cases are the same, however, and these complex calculations can be increased or decreased if you make a compelling argument to a judge. With more children spending nearly equal amounts of time with each parent, the attorneys at Grotta & Associates, P.C., have considerable experience with asking a judge for a deviation from the guidelines.

What Constitutes A Change In Child Support?

Child support ends at age 18. However, if the child will not graduate high school until after the age of 18, then child support will end at the time of graduation. Until a child reaches that age, any change must be approved by a judge.

That's why it's important to take the time now to get a fair child support agreement in place. It will save you stress and money down the road. To change child support, you must show a substantial change in circumstances.

It can be difficult to modify child support, so it is best to review the guidelines and get the sound advice of our experienced lawyers at Grotta & Associates, P.C.

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