• "The most amazing litigator"

    Attorney Grotta is second to none and the most amazing litigator that I have ever seen. He thinks fast on his feet and is intimidating when he wants to be. Attorney Grotta is relentless and will do whatever it takes to get his clients the best outcome. Attorney Grotta has been particularly kind and has attacked the case with ferocity that I have never heard of.

    —Excerpt of Opposing Party’s Letter to the Judge
  • "No words can describe how much I appreciate you."

    I wish to thank you and your ENTIRE staff for always being professional and courteous in handling my case, and no words can describe how much I appreciate Bob Engel. He ALWAYS stayed on top of every aspect regarding this case, and would address all of my concerns in a very timely manner.

  • "You listened to me"

    Thank you for representing me. You listened to me, honored my requests and I truly appreciate it. I am so very thankful for all your listening and tolerance. This is not an easy job.

  • "You and your office far exceeded my expectations."

    I guess I don't even know where to begin. I cannot possibly thank you enough for the guidance and support I have received from you and your office. These were the most trying and difficult times for myself and my children, and I really would not have made it through without your constant support. I realize that it is your job, however, your office is bar none. I cannot tell you how refreshing it is that there are still attorneys out there who are honest and upfront. You and your office far exceeded my expectations.


  • "Excellent Attorney"

    Mr. Grotta was so helpful, attentive and extremely quick to respond to me at a time when I needed guidance. Understanding my situation!!! I highly recommend Grotta & Associates!!!! Thank you.
  • "Fantastic!"

    ... has represented me in divorce proceedings. It was a very difficult time and Thomas and his staff represented me to complete satisfaction. I recommend Grotta and Associates very highly.