It’s no secret that alcoholism, social media addiction and drug addiction have caused numerous Illinois divorces, but what about video game addiction? Since late last year, the wildly popular — and highly addictive — video, Fortnight, has taken the world by storm and it currently has 125 million players throughout the globe. Due to its time-sucking nature, the game also may be causing problems for marriages.

According to a popular divorce assistance website in the United Kingdom, in 2018, the website has received information pertaining to 200 divorce petitions that cited Fortnight addiction as one of the reasons for divorce.

Perhaps video games aren’t the only reason these marriages fail

No divorce is as simple as a video game addiction. In fact, no divorce is as simple as an alcohol or drug addiction either. However, the issue of an addiction can result in complications in the marriage — and it can make problems like lack of attention, lack of communication and lack of shared interests worse than they already are. The fact that some video games like Fortnite reward users for spending more time in the game environment also seems to exacerbate such issues.

Video games can damage health in addition to relationships

There are many reasons, in addition to having healthy relationships, that spouses may want to limit their use of video games. Since last June, the World Health Organization has listed the phrase “gaming disorder” as a classification of disease that results in sleep deprivation and eyesight problems. Nevertheless, WHO states that gaming disorder only applies to about 2 to 3 percent of people who play video games.

Video games could be used to escape an already bad relationship

Perhaps excessive video game use is not only the “cause” of divorce. It could also be the “symptom” of a marriage that is headed for divorce. It’s not uncommon for spouses in the midst of toxic relationship patterns to find a way to escape the relationship, even when they are sharing the same home as their partner. An immersive video game like Fortnight could provide the perfect way to escape one’s relationship troubles in this regard.

If the topic of video games is a problem in your marriage, you might want to look deeper into the matter to determine if your marital union is headed toward divorce, or if there’s a way to resolve your differences with your spouse.