Part of the divorce process in Illinois is dividing your assets. The biggest asset most couples have is their family home. If you really would like to keep your home and want to continue living in it, then you need to take the right steps during your divorce negotiations to make sure this can happen. However, keep in mind that a home is tricky if you have a mortgage because the bank does not care that you are divorcing. If both of your names are on the mortgage, then the bank holds both of you responsible. This can add to the complexities of keeping your home after the divorce.

According to Zillow, if you want to keep the family home, you have two general options when you still have a mortgage. You can continue to co-own the home. If your spouse is fine with that, then this may work. You may both continue paying the mortgage or only one of you may hold that responsibility. If your spouse wants out from under the home, then your other option is to buy him or her out.

If you own the home, things get much easier. You will just have to negotiate the home as an asset that you get in the settlement. You may have to give up other assets, though, since your home is likely very valuable and the court will want your divorce agreement to be fair and balanced. This information is for education and is not legal advice.