In Illinois, child custody and visitation are called parenting time. When it comes to assigning parenting time, the court always defaults to what is in the best interest of the child, according to Herald & Review. Some feel this puts one parent at a disadvantage, specifically fathers. Historically, mothers often get more parenting time. This may be linked to the fact that in the past mothers were the main caregivers in the home, but times have changed.

Now parents are more likely to equally share in caring for the children. This means fathers are just as capable of having the majority of parenting time. However, groups advocating for fathers really want equal parenting time where one parent does not get priority over the other. This push would allow for both parents to remain in the child’s life and have an impact on how he or she is raised.

Those who are not on board with this movement feel that judges need to focus on the best interest of the child in all custody cases. They feel pushing for equal time with both parents could be determinantal to the children in these cases.

In any case, courts should be more aware of offering equal time to both parents and not immediately thinking that the mother is the better caregiver because sometimes that is not true. Fathers just want a chance to be in their children’s lives, which is what the equal parenting time movement strives for. This information is for education and is not legal advice.