Many people are familiar with the concept of a prenuptial agreement. Depending on your background, you may think that these sorts of things are the province of celebrities only, but people of all backgrounds have been taking the concept of a prenuptial agreement more seriously in the modern era. In addition to the rising popularity of the prenuptial agreement, postnuptial agreements are also coming to the forefront across the country for persons of all financial backgrounds. According to Harper’s Bazaar, a postnuptial agreement is the same thing as a prenuptial agreement, except for it is enacted after marriage.  

Many couples choose to engage in a postnuptial agreement as a result of certain changes in their lives. For instance, couples who have recently had children may decide to enter into a postnuptial agreement in order to protect everybody’s financial assets, including the child’s. Postnuptial agreements can also be good for people who anticipate that their marriage may become rocky. In some instances, postnuptial agreements may even stipulate specific penalties for acts of infidelity. In these cases, postnuptial agreements can actually help save a marriage by involving additional legal commitment to marriage in addition to romantic commitment. 

Postnuptial agreements are also a good idea if a couple decides to go into business together. A postnuptial agreement can help decide what happens to the business in the event that the couple divorces. They are also useful if one couple comes into a big inheritance or an unexpected sum of money after a lottery win. 

There are certain things that postnuptial agreements cannot override, such as state-mandated child support amounts. However, having a postnuptial agreement can add an extra layer of legal security to a relationship.