In any divorce, dividing up items you own may be stressful.

However, this is especially true in high asset marriages, where the monetary amount you are dividing up is exponentially higher.

Professional factors 

Businesses thrive under creative input from different people while also being one item that is hard to divide up in a divorce. If you contributed to a small business you partially owned while married, a prenuptial agreement helps protect your share of the work and profit.

You also avoid having to pay large debts that one spouse incurred during the length of your marriage. In addition, if you chose to stay home and take care of your children, or any similar reason that would cause you to not pursue a career outside the home, you may be eligible for compensation for that choice under a prenuptial agreement.

Personal benefits and drawbacks

Spousal support can be one of the major factors in a divorce. One spouse may have a higher income than the other, which leads to an agreement about spousal support. Many remarried people may seek out a prenuptial deal to help prevent a major loss of money.

There are also drawbacks that stem from the division of property or expensive assets. Certain psychological aspects of planning for a divorce may cause married couples tension and stress even before the marriage takes place. Knowing what is at stake when dividing up assets can prime you for arguments. The future is also uncertain, and even when you assume certain items are unimportant while planning a prenuptial agreement, you may not know for sure until a divorce does happen.