Deciding to get a divorce as a parent who does not earn an income is a frightening prospect. How will you manage without money of your own?

While divorce as a homemaker may require a bit more preparation and planning, you should not let it stop you from moving forward. Staying in a marriage due to financial dependence will not improve your life. Take a few steps before filing to help make the process easier for you.

Establish a separate bank account

You and your spouse have shared an account since the day you wed. Now, however, it is time to start striking out on your own. The first thing you can do to get ready for severing financial ties is to open your personal account. If you believe there is a chance that your spouse will make accessing money difficult, you should start making deposits, so you have the cash you need to start.

Get financial documents together

Having your financial information handy will help expedite requests for emergency financial assistance after you file for divorce. When the income-earning spouse refuses to continue financial support, you may need a judge to step in and order it to happen. Having documentation of all your financial affairs helps get through this step quicker.

Fix credit issues

If you have any credit issues that may make it hard to secure a mortgage or car loan, you may want to start addressing them before filing. Cleaning up your credit is a significant step in the right direction of becoming financially independent. You want to keep this going throughout the divorce so you can start your new life on firmer footing.

Financial issues are some of the most hard-fought elements of divorce. As a stay-at-home parent, you have options to become financially and physically independent.